JDoe: Report Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Anonymously

Report sexual assault/harassment anonymously as a survivor/witness.

When the justice system fails us, when we live in a rape culture, when you are too scared to come forward as a witness or survivor, report through JDoe. Together, we can puts crimes on the map so we can know how safe our communities are. If you choose to, your report can be reviewed by lawyers if you would like legal support.

“Our philosophy is built on 3 foundational ideas

1. Identify

Identify repeat offenders. Cases with multiple plaintiffs are both less harrowing for survivors and more likely to win in court. The current system more often than not fails to find mutual survivors.

2. Provide

Provide direct access to civil lawyers and prosecutors, circumventing authorities who may not have survivors’ best interests in mind. It is our goal that making the reporting process simpler and safer will enable more survivors and witnesses to act within the statute of limitations of their state.

3. Ensure

Ensure survivors and witnesses complete control over their data. Nothing will be sent to anyone, ever, until a user specifically requests it. Our encryption algorithms guarantee your privacy. Even if compelled to do so by a warrant, JDoe would be unable to read your data and hand it over.”


The time is right to confront sexual misconduct.

End-to-end encryption algorithms and the attitudes of society are converging to allow for a sea change in the way we combat rape, harassment, assault, and abuse. JDoe is that change.

Our promise to you.

We aim to be transparent about our business. Cases produced by JDoe’s platform are more likely to win in court and are, therefore, more valuable to lawyers. JDoe profits from marketing fees and successful case outcomes. JDoe will always remain free for witnesses and survivors, and will never sell users’ data.


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Build a compelling case.

JDoe works with law firms to identify mutual victims of repeat sexual offenders.

Meet JDoe.

JDoe is not a law firm. We are a public benefit corporation whose objective is to streamline the reporting process for sexual misconduct and to assist personal injury firms in finding compelling cases. Survivors of sexual assault are increasingly turning to civil law in order to seek justice.1 Sexual harassment suits have long been in the purview of civil law, but are becoming more common.2 In spite of these trends, firms struggle to reach potential clients — often putting thousands of dollars towards marketing.3 The difficulty of client outreach impacts firms and survivors alike, making it riskier to take on cases and harder to find a lawyer.

Our initiative.

JDoe bypasses the expensive marketing process using a two-sided technological approach that facilitates reporting, ensures the anonymity of survivors and witnesses, and provides a stream of winnable prospective cases to firms. By focusing on security and ease of access we aim to dramatically increase reporting rates. Behind the scenes, our platform is identifying repeat offenders and building multi-plaintiff prospective cases that once brought are more successful, more valuable, and less harrowing for plaintiffs. Using current methods, it is nearly impossible for law firms to find mutual victims of the accused.

Reports and Cases.

Firms that partner with JDoe are provided access to a secure app and web platform. As repeat offenders are identified, prospective cases show up under Reports. All identifying information is removed from prospective cases until the user agrees to a consultation. Your cases can be filtered by type and ordered by date, number of plaintiffs, or number of reportees — including witnesses.

Maps and Metrics.

Maps provides an overview of survivor resources (medical services, counseling, and law enforcement) and a heat map of reported incidents. Metrics provides an overview of accepted cases and your outreach success rates.

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