How to Stop Mental Illness Stigma

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

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Mental illness is sometimes whispered when mentioning its name.

Some people laugh about mental illness, making fun of the people who live with mental illness, even putting it in part of a comedic routine or musical number.

There is absolutely nothing funny or entertaining about mental illness.

We need to stop mental illness stigma.

We need to increase the dialogues and communication about everything related to mental illness, speaking and writing wisely, kindly and compassionately about mental health, mental illness, suicide prevention and mental illness stigma.

My theory is that if we start talking more openly, honestly and more often about mental illness, people will become more comfortable speaking about mental illness. When dialogues about mental illness increase, people’s understanding and knowledge about mental illness will increase and improve.

When people are more educated about mental illness, they will become more kind, accepting and compassionate towards people with mental illness…

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