Top 5 Ways I Cope With My Depression

Mood Sponge

This time of year is always difficult for my depression. The changing seasons, lessening daylight hours, and chilly weather all contribute to my gloomy moods. Many people experience seasonal depression to varying degrees. Those without a diagnosed illness or predisposition to depression may feel more tired, less motivated, and have more prevalent pessimism. For people like me with bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder, the winter months exacerbate our already existing depression.

Over the years, I’ve developed coping skills to handle my depression so that my day-to-day life isn’t drastically altered when the winter months hit. So here are the top 5 ways I cope with depression:

1. Continue to Say Yes

I’m a naturally extroverted and adventurous person. Being around other people energizes me, and I love to hang out with friends, go to shows, and partake in general goofiness and excitement. In short, I say yes to most…

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