“Parents Aren’t Talking to Teens About Consent, Study Finds”

“There’s a LOT more to cover than sex.

When you’re heading off to college, there’s obviously a lot on your mind. What your roommate will be like, how hard your classes will be, where you’ll hang out on the weekends — and sex. Many people associate college with hookups and sex, but we’ve known for a while that people aren’t having quite as much sex as we might think. But it turns out many of us aren’t exactly prepared for the reality of sex on campus. According to a new study, our parents may play a pretty big part in that.

A study from Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, found that parents aren’t having the kind of conversations with kids about sex and relationships that maybe they should be. The study found parents aren’t having conversations with their kids that will prepare them for committed, lasting relationships, but they also aren’t teaching their kids about consent or how a partner should treat them…

According to the findings, a lot of young people are heading to college wishing they knew more about love, not sex. Of the 18 to 25 year olds surveyed, 70% wish their parents had taught them more about how to have a mature relationship. When it comes to starting relationships, 27% wish their parents had counseled them in that area, while 38% wish their parents had given them more advice on how to handle when a relationship ends. And just like young people say their parents didn’t give them enough advice on love, parents aren’t having key conversations about consents and respect — critical aspects of any relationship, romantic or not.

Among those surveyed, 87% of women had experienced some form of sexual harassment, but 76% had never spoken to their parents about how to avoid sexually harassing other people. And despite so many women having experienced sexual harassment, almost of of people in the survey don’t think gender-based degradation is an issue in society. Even more, 61% of respondents said they had never spoken to their parents about consent, or how to know for sure that your partner wants to engage in sexual activity.

But to help prepare young people for healthy relationships and sex lives, researchers say parents need to start having those potentially uncomfortable conversations that, until now, they don’t seem to have been having. In order to truly be prepared to have healthy, happy relationships or hookups, it turns out you should be asking your parents. After all, they’ve done it before.”

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