Coping Skills: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

The Wandering Student

Coping mechanisms are helpful activities that we can use to help us work through hard times. Having coping skills is important when you have mental health disorders because it helps you step away from detrimental symptoms. Having healthy coping skills is important for building resilience, gaining control and processing specific situations.

Coping mechanisms can be classified into healthy or unhealthy. Healthy coping mechanisms are those that help you feel good, as well as move you towards a space of emotional processing, physical wellness and/or a state of self-care. An unhealthy coping mechanism is an activity that becomes a crutch or a necessity to complete to feel better. In other words, the person feels that they are unable to work through difficult moments if they do not have the unhealthy way of coping. The unhealthy coping skill works to numb the senses and avoid the problem instead of helping understand the…

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