Using the internet to advocate for change

Use the internet as a catalyst for good.

Accept and love unconditionally.

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Honors English 110-088

An online platform is absolutely vital for the movement that I am following (climate change awareness and reducing its impact). The topic can be rather complicated in some ways, and the internet is a great medium to convey the movement’s message in a more simplified way. For example, fully understanding the depletion of the ozone layer can be difficult, as some scientific background and lots of scientific terminology is needed to conceptually understand why it is happening. This video features Bill Nye, a very recognizable face, explaining in layman’s terms what climate change is and why it is happening. He uses everyday vocabulary, and the video includes many diagrams and graphics which make the information he is giving much more digestible. I intend to include forms of media very much like this. For example, I may include an infographic that is easy to understand for the general viewer and visually pleasing…

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