Managing Mental Illness & Relationships

Slay Girl Society

Last week, I went to a Lunch & Learn that was organized by Health Minds Canada, a “national charity that raises funds to support research and education while raising awareness about mental illness and addictions.” It was a panel discussion on the topic of relationships and mental health. The discussion was moderated by Ola Skudlarska, a community health organizer and mental health advocate. The panelists included:

  • Sara Kamin – Relational Psychotherapist at From The Heart Therapy
  • Douglas Saunders – Marriage Counselor, Co-founder & Senior Psychologist at Clear Path Solutions, Former President of the OPA
  • Shannon Tebb – Matchmaker & Dating Consultant at Shanny in the City.
  • Ary Maharaj – Executive Director of Minds Matter magazine, Project Coordinator at UTSC Healthy & Wellness, in a relationship and living with mental illness
  • Hanna Gadol – graduate student, single and living with mental illness

For an event that was held in…

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