Share: “The Anxious Blogger- Knowing Your Triggers”

Ginger Fox

Sorry it’s been so long since The Anxious Blogger- My Anxiety, but I didn’t want to write another post until I knew I could do it properly. I want to give you the best value I can in these posts.

I have actually started a new website totally dedicated to these posts, but I will still share them on here too! Check out my Anxious Blogger website! I just felt that having a full platform for all things wellness, mental health and motivational would be a better idea than cramming it all on here.

Today I want to talk about a particularly tricky part of anxiety and depression- recognising your own triggers. Without knowing what causes your anxious feelings, you will never be able to control them, or even move past them. Mental Health is a very individual thing, and it really is totally unique to each person. Take…

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