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Ellen's OCD Blog

A few days ago, I was met with a situation that immediately spiked my OCD and irrational thoughts. However, I ended up being one step ahead of my OCD and defeated its logic, which was something I was very surprised at. In a nutshell, I couldn’t attend a therapy appointment because my psychologist was unwell. So cue OCD and immediately starting to think that I had caused her illness because I had been recently challenging some of my compulsions and thus hadn’t been conforming to OCD’s wishes (how dare I), and so I must’ve caused bad things to happen to people because of this. Now I know to most people this seems a completely irrational and flawed explanation of said situation, however, OCD can be so powerful and will honestly trick you into believing it’s logic…So here I was, presented with an OCD ready situation. However, although I initially mentally/internally…

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