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Dear Reader

I’m going to keep this short and I only need a few minutes of your time. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you must have read somewhere that a) I’m a law student b) I’m a feminist and a child rights advocate and c) I’m a speaker on child sexual abuse. Pursuant to my passion for child rights, I have started an online workshop on child sexual abuse; this is basically a five-part video series, all sessions of which are now available online. The workshop aims at empowering parents, teachers and young adults as well as educating them. Please watch, learn and share! Let’s get one step closer to raising awareness and putting an end to child sexual abuse.

The first part, deals with the complex definition of child sexual abuse, why it needs to be talked about openly (despite being such a taboo subject) and…

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One thought on “Share: “Online Child Sexual Abuse Workshop”

  1. Well I agree with you, I love and respect women, but I’m not a feminist. I give you props cause I wouldn’t be able to be a Lawyer. I’ll get every child, elder adult rapist in jail for life. Skip trial and 25+ in jail. Obviously since the laws here are so corrupt, you’re innocent till proven guilty so it mean you can’t skip trial.
    But I agree with you, our children need to be protected more.


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