Share: “Tips for Dealing with Depression”

A Mental Health Blog by Al Levin

As I’ve been reading more on depression, I’ve bumped into several articles that share information for managing depression.  Having been through a major depressive episode and continuing to attend a men’s support group for anxiety and depression, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about managing my mental health.

First of all, everybody’s management looks different.  Everybody has their own plan and certain options work better for some than for others.  However, no matter what the plan is, I strongly advocate that it is a plan that includes several pieces.  I do not believe that there is one fix for anybody’s depression.  Here are some of the pieces that I believe you may want to include in your plan:

  1. Medication: (Please note: I am not a doctor and am not advocating for or against medications.  These are simply my thoughts)  Yes, a highly controversial and not a well-researched scientific method. …

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