Share: “Understanding Bipolar Disorder”

Kevin Martin


Last December brought quite a beautiful day.

All of a sudden, in a day in the middle of the snow in the middle of the winter, my prayers that I have been praying for the first twenty-one years of my life had an answer. All of my tears and all of my unstoppable thoughts had a reason: I have Bipolar II Disorder.

I am still thankful for that day. Hearing the psychiatrist tell me my beautiful diagnosis was some of the greatest music I have heard. In an instant, everything in my life made sense: All of my feelings, emotions, struggles, pains, and the roads and journeys that brought me there. Everything was clarified and I was relieved.

Now, one year after learning of my diagnosis, I am continuing to learn of myself and my illness.

When most of us hear the words “Bipolar Disorder”, we hear the word “crazy”…

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