A single act of kindness.

A single act of kindness; an apology, a word of support, a leap of faith.

A single act of kindness can mean everything.

The “helper’s high”, and the chain effect.

The Science of Giving: Why One Act of Kindness is Usually Followed by Another

“From truly listening to people to going out of your way to making someone feel appreciated, kindness comes in all shapes and forms. Not only is your kindness often returned to you by those you share it with, people who feel good tend to make other people feel good simply by association. Whether it’s simply making someone laugh or smile, never underestimate your ability to start a chain reaction of positivity.

A single act of kindness may seem like such a small thing, but so is the ember that starts a wildfire.

Be someone’s reason to smile today and you may just find yourself encountering more of the types of people who make you smile in return.”


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